As an art historian, I place high value on the notion of collecting.  Our collections define our passions, give us unique personal and shared pleasure, add fuel to our interest in travel and provoke dynamic discourse.

As a designer, I wish to create an edited, sophisticated, and functional environment for my clients. When the client is a collector, the space must enhance the collection.   Art is well framed and lit, objects are well placed, sculpture is featured in its defined space.  Guests feel welcome, curious and excited to enter the home. Most importantly, the client feels enveloped by an understated, elegant, cohesive surrounding.  


After college and a year studying art history in Paris, Andrea began her career at New York’s renowned Marlborough Gallery.  She subsequently worked at Sotheby’s for several years, then embarked on her own as a private dealer in contemporary art, taking on residential and corporate projects, large-scale public space commissions, and collaborations with architects, designers, developers, artists and collectors.  

She moved to Boston and owned a gallery on Newbury Street, a forum for exhibitions of gallery artists and 20-21st Century masters.  Her commitment to showing abstract minimalist work brought her wide acclaim among the Boston art world. 

Ever intrigued by the link between art and design, ANDREA MARQUIT / design was created to integrate clients' spatial needs with their collections of art and objects.  Projects include several Beacon Hill residences, an expansive home in West Virginia for its former governor (see House Beautiful, February 2000), an apartment in New York’s Dakota, a contemporary San Diego residence, and design updates for a private Boston area elementary school.  Most recently the firm completed two noteworthy projects:  interior design and art collection for a newly constructed ocean-view home in Middletown, RI and a condominium renovation in Brookline, MA, both  showcasing the firm’s modern/international style, and highlighting a new collection of important works of art by mid-career and blue-chip contemporary artists.

Andrea continues to work privately as a consultant, dealer, appraiser and interior designer.  She is a board member of the Beacon Hill Circle for Charity, a member of the Board of Governors of the Nichols House Museum, a member of the Appraisers Association of America and the Boston Art Dealers Association.