Reverse 2013

I have a thing for stripes and another for reduction. I walk a fine line between minimal and not.

For a while, my work involved painting lines and layers of color, removing them almost entirely, and doing a dance with the rest.  A labor-intensive process with an uncertain outcome. A combination of intent and chance. Elegant, controlled, surfaces. A nod to my modernist roots. This process kept me interested for a long time. Until it was time to move on, which meant that I had to have a serious conversation about direction.
Also love.

So far, this is what is important to me: Hand
Some kind of risk
Some kind of attitude (lack of pretense)
Tongue in cheek
Mistakes (Richter calls it persistent uncertainty)
Ordered and not
Old textiles
Navajo rugs

Also, what you see is what you get.

The concepts: Image or object/ Image and object
Play and abstraction
Process and provisional
Surface and space
When is enough enough


Julie Weiman is a Boston artist who creates abstract paintings of lines.  Her work explores color, light and space, and the emotional intensity that can be created with the simplest shapes. She strives for a lustrous surface, which, in her words, feels a little bit fragile, a little bit ruined, and very much alive. The surface of each painting on panel has a minimum of six layers of acrylic medium, rice paper, and gesso before the paint is applied. The subsequent process involves both adding and sanding the paint and media resulting in a multilayered accumulation of paint that demonstrates her devotion to the process of mark making. 

Weiman’s recent solo exhibitions have generated acclaim from critics and curators.  

Selected exhibitions:

Reverse, solo show, Bromfield Gallery, Boston, MA, 2013
Changing Lives with Art, Cambridge School of Weston, 2013
Art@Blitz, solo show, Blitz Media, Waltham, MA, 2012
About The Mark, Curry College, Milton, MA, 2011
Off the Wall, The Danforth Museum, 2010
Still, Solo Show, Holzwasser Gallery, New Art Center, Newton MA, 2010
Icons and Altars, New Art Center, 2006 – 2010