4/4 is common time, yet is anything but common. Pace and rhythmic punctuation vary on and off the quarter note beats.  A linear score navigates through a sound space realized through an infrastructure of consistent metronomic delineations by way of shape, color, or both.  The linear score brings into the mix a directive of expressive points:  here, silence, there, pause, now, back, next.   Like syncopation, the line engages in twists and loops that settle into the referent tempo offered by formal reference to changing places of departure, resolution, and recapitulation. 

The color in these changes is keyed to the arpeggiated line's travel.  It blocks the monochrome beat which offers stability and simultaneously acts as a springboard for further exploration and improvisation.  The line courses its way through and gives resonance to already stated sequences and themes.  A bend may draw the eye up and over to the other side, or find another sudden turn of events occurring in the heart of a saturated color.  The seeming overall simplicity may imply a settled motive, until one finds oneself at the corner of green and orange. By then, you are off again, only to touch down periodically in the larger score and soar back into the tempo's color.  Along the way the viewer may be moved to ultimately tap along to these rhythmic tunes.  

Jim Zingarelli (B.F.A: Pratt Institute.  M.A: Trinity College, Nicoli Botteghe Artistici di Scultura, Cararra, Italy) is a painter and sculptor who has been teaching art for 33 years and is currently Professor of Art at Gordon College, Wenham, MA.  He has taught at Gordon College’s Salzburg Institute, Salzburg, Austria, as well as The Orvieto Semester, Italy, and The Carving Studio & Sculpture Center in West Rutland, Vermont. His work has been exhibited at Dartmouth College; Yale University; Vorpal Gallery, NYC; Pepper Gallery, Boston and the Attleboro Museum, Attleboro, MA, among others.  His work is included in many private and corporate collections.  Zingarelli lives and works in Amesbury, MA.